Dale Carnegie Quotes: The Fun Way To Succeed!

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” -Dale Carnegie

Life has a funny way of teaching. It is so simple, but most of the time when we are going forward we cannot see the pattern. It is when we look back that we realize there was a perfect path laid out for us.

Imagine a world where the universe knows exactly what you want…even more than you know and then imagine that this universe does everything it possibly can to bring your greatest dreams into reality…the only thing you would have to do to navigate this incredible universe would be have fun! Yeah in this imaginary universe you would have to view every moment as an exciting adventure and follow the path that you found to be the most fun!

What kind of magical life would that be? It would be incredible…an entire lifetime of living your dreams and living in total joy. So that is the imaginary universe, what good does that do you? You have real problems…you need to take care of responsibilities! You cannot just screw around having fun and forget all the things that must be done to sustain a healthy existence! This may be the key you have been looking for. The key to success that has evaded you.

In life you may have many emotions, but behind all those emotions you must have faith!…Now wait I will make this worth your while…because I know everyone preaches faith. The secret ingredients to faith are fun and relaxation. WHAT?! Yes! You must believe that the universe, loves you, that it knows you and is bringing you more than you can imagine…because that is exactly what it is doing! Then you back every emotion with the energy of fun or relaxation. It is that simple, but let me give some examples.

FUN: This one is easy…when life gives you a fork in the road do what you think will be the most fun! It could be a career decision…it could be a relationship! Now some people will distort this message and think that by fun I am referring to reckless pleasure, but what I am talking about is a fun that feels good on the deepest level.

The second side of fun is to make any situation you are in fun! It doesn’t have to be fun for everyone…you can only create your world. The best example of this I can think of is sales or negotiations! I always make negotiations and sales fun! I have fun with it and guess what…the universe produces!

 RELAXATION: Now say life has thrown you a situation that there is no way you can interpret as fun…what do you do? Relax! Just accept it and relax, not only is this extremely powerful, this is the only thing that works. It is amazingly powerful. If you have to dig a six foot whole in mud…well relax and get to work!

Use these tools in your life and watch your successes pile up. When I unlocked this little gem of understanding my life went from good to great overnight…literally. Relax and have FUN! Your universe loves you!


Stephen King Quote: Success And Happiness Are Yours If You Just Listen!

Stephen King Image

Stephen King

“No, it’s not a very good story – its author was too busy listening to other voices to listen as closely as he should have to the one coming from inside.” – Stephen King

There is a problem in modern society today which destroys many lives. This modern world is filled with so many distractions. Television, video games, Facebook, Youtube, the internet in general and I could go on forever with all the distractions of the world.

These distractions are entertaining, but for most people they block out the most important thing in the your whole world…YOU! You have so much to look at outside of yourself that you forget to look inside for that still small voice which will guide you more perfectly than anything outside you can ever offer!

Sometimes the most powerful message comes with the quietest voice. This message is the truth. The truth is eternal, it will never change so why should it shout when it knows its message will be the only one which lasts? The saddest thing in the whole world is to watch a person follow every distraction, in a desperate attempt to make something of themselves, when all they would have had to do is follow their own inner voice.

Do you ever wonder why big superstars, who seem to have everything, will all of a sudden seem to lose it? Why when someone has everything do they turn to drugs, bad relationships and other crazy addictions which squander their money and ruin their lives? The ones that do this have lost their connection with the wisdom inside themselves. They listened for a while, but many times fame ruins a person. Not because fame is bad. Because fame turns the focus from inside to outside. These people believe that they can use the outside world to make them happy and they forget that it was the little voice inside that made them stay up till 4:00 am every day, jamming in their garage by themselves, that made them famous in the first place. If they would continue to follow that feeling inside it would guide them to the next amazing adventure.

With the self-help movement pushing people into the law of attraction, like moths to a flame, people lose perspective of the truth. You can try to control all that comes into your life and you will go crazy, you will be disappointed and heartbroken, but there is always the true path. The law of attraction is appealing because it implies total control, but people never stop to ask well if I want that beautiful such and such and I happen to get it who is filling in the blanks of what I never pictured? See the people who think the law of attraction works have misunderstood what took place. Those people simply looked deep inside and saw what they truly desired and thought they manifested it. In actuality the universal wisdom was going to provide this so long as they follow the intuition they were given, without even having to ask! The phrase should not be “Ask and it is given,” it should be “It is given, when you listen.”

Success and Happiness Are Yours When…

You listen to your inner voice! Nothing else matters. Not statistics, not education, not repeating your desires a million times or making a dream board. Just listen to the voice, the feeling. Spend enough time in solitude to know yourself and to be able to understand the eternal wisdom flowing through you.

Dream boards and affirmations are effective tools for reinforcing what the infinite wisdom is already creating for us. The wisdom of the universe understands us better than we understand ourselves. We have a very narrow perspective in this life, however there is a part in each one of us that has infinite perspective and wants us to be exceptionally happy. Quiet your mind, eliminate distractions and trust yourself. You will be guided to perfect joy and abundance!



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Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote: Two Rules To Live Happily And Abundantly!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Image

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Trust yourself,..dig deep down and ask yourself who you want to be? Not what, but who?” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold is the epitome of the American dream. He is a famous multimillionaire who has had incredible success in sports, acting and politics. If you want to have success in this life you may want some of his advice.

Arnold’s number one rule of success is trust yourself. Arnold has said that you should never listen to the nay sayers because there is always someone who says you can’t. Just trust yourself, not your parents, your teachers, your friends, not anyone. Just trust yourself. Arnold says “dig deep down”, why does he say that? He says it because he knows what is on the surface for all of us. Weakness!

We all have to dig deep down to get past our shallow selves. The self that tells us that we will fail or that we should just do what others think or that other people’s opinions matter! They don’t! Inside each and everyone of us is the the wisdom to do and be all that we could possibly desire. Thank God for the Arnolds of the world who go out and show us that they do not care what others think and they march to the beat of their own drum. What one man(woman) can do another can do!

You must dig deep down and know who it is you want to be, there is no substitute for following your inner guidance. Some call it self, some call it God, some call it intelligent energy and the names go on forever, but the source stays the same….YOU! Yes if God has spoken in this world it is through you, if a dream has been accomplished it is through you, any great works that have been accomplished have been through you! You recognize them, you perform them. The trick is, which half of you?!

The two halves are in constant battle until you starve out the halve that you do not want to be. Then it becomes easy to follow the you that you want to be. One half is weak and scared. It will never accomplish anything remarkable. This is the half that most people give too much credit to. The other half is courageous and powerful. This half you want to grow. This half is the God half. This is the half which created you. This is the half that was brave enough to inject you into this world with the concept that you are great and nothing can overcome you. This half is completely at ease and confident. Most who do not understand look upon those who follow this half as lucky and arrogant. Those who actually know these people feel the power and the peace that possesses theses individuals.

Two Rules To Live Happily And Abundantly

  1. Always Trust Yourself. Do what makes you most happy. This is how you KNOW you are listening to the right half. Dig deep down below any weakness or fear and decide who you want to be. Always, always, always follow that courageous voice deep inside. You will succeed, you will be happy.
  2. Work Your Butt Off. If you have followed the first rule then this one won’t be hard. If you are doing what makes you happy you will not care if you work hard. Your hard work is your energy that you put into anything and your energy will pay off. It always does. Never quit working hard until your life is done. Never retire, never quit, life is meant to be lived. When you create the core conviction that you will never ever quit and that you will continue putting energy into what makes you the happiest all of a sudden it is like the flood gates of abundance blast open! It is truly amazing!


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Why The Law Of Attraction Is Not A Law And Does Not Work!

“Lawless are they that make their wills their law.” – William Shakespeare

The law of attraction is appealing to anyone who wants something they do not have, but it is not a law and it does not work!

The law of attraction is the go to self-help advice of every so called guru out there. So why is it that this law is not working for everyone. It is not like everyone who ever heard of this law all of a sudden has everything they desire! Even the most famous modern gurus are not living longer or healthier. They are not performing miracles! Plain and simple these are just people who know how to tell people what they want to hear. They made up a law, which no one would be able to prove or disprove, and they sell it as the key to happiness and abundance. The wonderful thing about the law of attraction is that if it is not working then you are simply doing it wrong! They can use your own guilt to make you feel like you need more of what they are selling to use the law properly. This marketing strategy appeals to our basest desire to have more, but it ignores the singular truth which gives infinite happiness and abundance.

Do you really believe you were born into this world to sit and focus on every little thing you think you might want? Does that resonate with who you are? They say that the law of attraction is the only way things work. That everything in your life is manifested from what you focus on. That is amazing! You must have invented everything you have ever seen in your life. You and I both know you have not consciously imagined every little detail of your life! Did you? Has everything you ever experienced been formed from your completely clear imagination of how it would be? Or were there a lot of things that were already done for you? A lot of beautiful surprises! Did you have a functioning body? Have you ever been surprised by beautiful scenery? Were you fed as a baby, even though you did not consciously know what you needed to survive? Many things happened in your life that you absolutely loved and without you ever thinking or focusing or affirming or writing or believing or making it happen. How could this be if the law of attraction is a law? Universal laws are infinite they are always in effect! Either you must manifest it or not!

The truth is much simpler and infinitely more fulfilling. You are a part of the infinite intelligent, loving, creative energy which flows through everyone, everything and you simply have a limited viewpoint from your current physical perspective. The perception you must cultivate is not one of focusing on those things you desire, but understanding that you are already perfectly whole in every way. You must understand that your perception here is flawed, that you could not possibly lack anything and that everything you could ever desire and even more than you could imagine is yours if you will just release yourself to the loving care of the universal intelligent energy which is waiting to fulfill your innermost desires.

From our limited physical perspective we cannot see the greatest path to that which we desire most. We do not even know what we desire most! We can only pick from that which we have seen before. The path which will bring you the most joy is not the path of constant striving. By living in the understanding that your greatest good is being worked out for you, you are allowed to enjoy this moment and live life in this moment rather that trying to live for some future attainment. Peace and joy are yours now if you will just let go of trying to control and trust the universal intelligence to guide your choices.

Follow your heart every moment. Do not let worry and fear rule your world. Know that you have been taken care since before you were born and life has unfolded and will continue to unfold for you in ways you could not even imagine!

  • Follow your conscience.
  • Do your best in this moment.
  • Have faith in the energy that brought you into this world, the energy which provided for you long before the law of attraction was ever conceived.
  • Do not take life too seriously.
  • Always seek internal peace and pull your answers from that space within yourself.

True success in life is finding peace, living from that unshakeable place inside yourself which allows you to enjoy every moment in life and know that those moments were put there, no matter how crazy it may seem, to help you have that which will bring you the most joy.




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Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote: Do You Want Infinite Happiness?

Ralph Waldo Emerson Image

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“We fly to beauty as an asylum from the terrors of finite nature.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you unhappy with your current situation?  Do you want more out of life? Do you search and search too no avail in an attempt to feel an everlasting joy? Do you want infinite happiness?

You are not alone. Many will read this and not understand, but for those of you that are ready I can tell you the one core reason you suffer.

You are living in a finite world. Everything you touch, see, smell, hear  and taste has a beginning and an end. However you are not a finite being! You are an infinite being who will exist forever. You are just experiencing this finite world. Somewhere in your consciousness you know this. So you feel trapped by limitations. An infinite being who identifies with the finite world they live in will always be miserable. They will always feel they should have more, or do more, or feel more, or be more.

In an effort to fulfill that desire within us we fly to beauty. We jump at whatever distraction we can find in this world. We think that by manipulating the outside world we will quench our thirst for that more we so relish.

Thankfully the attempts to fulfill our needs by searching the outside world lead us in a circle and we end up right back where we started. I say thankfully because this eventually teaches us that we must look somewhere else to find the peace we need. That somewhere is inside of us.

Infinite Happiness:

Infinite happiness is yours already. You have just found reasons to be unhappy because you put your energy into things which are finite. This entire world is finite. So it can be very misleading trying to find that which will make you happy, until you realize that you can simply stop! You can stop trying. I would bet that as much as that sounds ridiculous to you, there is a part of you that likes what you just read. It makes you feel a little bit good.

What does stopping do? What do you mean by stop? Stop thinking. Stop striving. Stop struggling to get there. To that place that does not exist. Think because it brings you joy. Strive because it brings you joy. Struggle because it brings you joy, but if it doesn’t then stop! Stopping gives you the space you need to recognize what your energy is telling you. If you are not listening to what brings you joy, how can you ever be happy? Processes are infinite, journeys are infinite. Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey. If you don’t know how to do that then just STOP! Wait and listen you will feel what path will bring you the most joy! Do not put your energy into finite goals and expectations this is the surest way to despair.






Bruce Lee Quote: The Secret Goal For Abundant Success!

Bruce Lee Image

Bruce Lee

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” – Bruce Lee

There may be many little goals in your life, but there should only be one main goal if you want to lead a happy and successful life.

Many people do not succeed at their little goals because they have no main goal. Without this main goal to guide you on your other goals you will not have abundant success. Success is the achieving of one’s goal. Abundant success is repeatedly achieving one’s goals throughout life and being happy while doing it. Lets face it, if you are not happy and you are meeting your goals you need new goals.

There are people who walk among us that are masters at achieving success. Those individuals possess a knowledge of themselves which has allowed them to, consciously or unconsciously, aim for the one particular goal which allows them to have abundant success in all of their other endeavors. If only we knew what this secret goal was that literally transforms failures into successes overnight and perpetuates their success for a lifetime. Well this would be a platinum nugget of information. Not only for money, but happiness, peace of mind and a life of achievement. It just so happens that you have come across this secret goal. When you set it for yourself you will never fail!

The Secret Goal For Abundant Success:

 Follow your passion, that which brings you the greatest joy..no matter what!

Do not underestimate the power of this coveted secret goal. Every man or woman who has enjoyed abundant success has followed their passion. Passion gives you energy which you put back into your passion and it grows.  The infinite intelligent energy which you are created from knows what your place in this world is. What your piece to the puzzle of humanity is. How you are supposed to do your greatest good. It expresses your purpose through your passion. When you follow your passion that energy will create openings where there were none, it will fill in all the gaps of what you desire to assist you in keeping your purpose fulfilled and you will have a joyful energy that pours through you which those who do not set the secret goal for themselves can never feel.

This goal is so foreign to most people. Most people set a goal of some object they want. I want a hot girl or guy. I want money so I can have a big house and fancy car. I want people to like me so I will do whatever it takes to make that happen. How many people have met these goals and found they are a wasteland of depression. People ask, “Why did he kill himself, he had everything, a nice house, a nice car, a beautiful wife and on and on?” Well was he passionate about any of that? Maybe some of it, but if he took his own life he wasn’t fulfilling his own intuition! Those who follow their passion..their intuition, have a strength that comes from within them and guides them. This energy resonates inside them, fulfilling that void that is in all of us when we do not feel a purpose.

Your intuition and passion are your guides. So make it your goal to follow them. Everything else is a distraction from what is truly important. You will never regret following your passion. Doing what makes you happy makes you happy! I had a college biology professor who use to say to our class, “If you are happy with a ‘C’ then I am happy for you to. Because a happy person is a happy person and what is better than that?!” It was a silly simple statement, but profound in a sense because people forget to be happy in their choices when in search of a goal. People say, ” I will be happy when….!” That is a lie! You can only be happy now and being happy now is the surest way that the energy of abundance will flow into your life!



Florence Scovel Shinn Quote: Affirmations That Work!

“You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which ‘clicks’.” – Florence Scovel Shinn

There is a lot of talk about affirmations these days. Why wouldn’t there be? Who doesn’t want to say something and have it become real? It sure seems that if these affirmations were working nobody would really be searching for jobs or money anymore. So why are people still struggling? We have affirmations. We know what we want, right? It should be simple!

Well it is simple, but humans have a two roadblocks in their way. First their concentration and second their limited perception. In order for an affirmation to work you have to absolutely believe it. To believe something on a subconscious level you must repeat it, prove it and concentrate on it. There can be no concentration on the opposite of it, none! Otherwise you are negating your belief in your own affirmation. The second issue arises with our perception. Lets say we believe that if we had a billion dollars we would be happy. So we absolutely affirm that we will have a billion dollars by such and such a date. We concentrate diligently on affirming our belief. We fully believe, but as the world starts to unfold the path to our billion dollars we find that the energy we are putting into attaining it is not bringing us satisfaction. Sometimes our affirmations are actually limiting. We say that we would like a certain house or job or dollar amount, but actually that is inferior to what we could have enjoyed. The issue is that our perception evolves along the way to our goal and we see that maybe what we had envisioned was not what we truly needed to satisfy our longings.

Great Affirmations:

A great affirmation, one that really works will have two characteristics:

  1. It creates faith. Affirmations are all about faith. They are created to consciously mold your beliefs. Your affirmation must give you faith that there is a power within you working to give you everything you desire, before you can even conceive it.
  2. It will be infinite. Your affirmation will never wear out as you meet goals or achieve certain things. The great affirmation will enhance your belief in your infinite possibilities!

Here is an example of a great affirmation, “Things always workout for my best. The universal energy that created me is working with every atom in the cosmos to continue creating a life better than I could ever imagine. Anything is possible to me and I have no desires because the world gives me more than I could dream of!” This affirmation will bring you more than you thought possible. You could prove it daily by witnessing all the things the world gives you that you never had to think of. It is a pleasure to say because it makes you feel good, so you will definitely repeat it. This affirmation is infinite. You will never meet a goal and have to change your affirmation. It is no small task to consciously create a belief. If you doubt that look at the majority of people’s lives. After adulthood people do not usually change to much in a lifetime. It is only a rare few who change the path of their core belief and shift the direction of their lives. This affirmation gives you the power to conquer any goal that might arise in your life and you will have many.

Remember that your perception is finite. When you create a belief you are trying to increase your power, your accomplishments. The best way to do this is to create beliefs which help you tap into to that infinite energy which knows infinite possibilities. You are an infinite being in a finite world. Strengthen your belief in the infinite and limitations fall away, possibilities you never fathomed will appear and you will be filled with joy. You are meant to be limitless make sure your affirmations affirm that.




Sam Walton Quote: Low Self Esteem Is A Selfish Trait!

Sam Walton Image

Sam Walton

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” – Sam Walton

In life you are either giving or taking. A person with low self-esteem is a taker. They take away from their own life and they take away from others. Most people would not look at low self-esteem as a selfish trait, but it is perhaps the most selfish!

People with low self-esteem cannot express to others how important, powerful or wonderful they are. Why? Because they are so concerned with themselves. It is common practice when someone with low self-esteem approaches a therapist or friend that they attempt to feed them with ego boosting nuggets of information. They dredge up all the reasons this person has to justify their feelings of inadequacy and then they stroke the ego of this person in an attempt to uplift them. This is a fantastic technique..if you do not want to help this person at all!

What people with low self-esteem need is tough love! If you want to help people with low self-esteem let them know that they need to focus more on others and less on themselves. Now I am a big proponent of self mastery. So yes, I believe in focusing my energy inward to solve my issues. However those who have low self-esteem must first learn that the reason they have low self-esteem is because they want to take something from the world around them, but they feel guilty. They feel guilty because they are not focusing on what they are giving in return. Every person in this world needs many things from it. People need love, affection, friendship, food, shelter, acceptance, compassion, loyalty and this list goes on. Criminals who have a poor self image accept that they will not give, but take to survive. They justify their actions with the reasoning that no one would give them respect or give them a chance. You see, they are looking for someone to give them something. Yet they were not willing to look at all they could give in order to acquire their desires. The first step in improving self-esteem is focusing on giving and forgetting about taking.

So when Sam Walton says outstanding leaders boost self-esteem, how do we do that? Easy. You show a person what they have to give to this world. You show a person how they can serve. There is one key ingredient which will make a leader stand head and tales above the rest if they know it.

Outstanding Leaders Secret To Boosting Self-Esteem:

All outstanding leaders know their peoples’ strengths.  An outstanding leader boosts self-esteem by showing an individual or group how they can play to their strengths and give more. One example of an outstanding leader is an great parent. A great parent will show their child how to give the most of themselves, knowing that in return the world will give back and their child will be a strong, confident addition to society.

Be an outstanding leader today. You have an opportunity every time you see someone to point out to them what their strengths as an individual are. Make it a habit of sharing with people what greatness you see that they have to share. This is giving. If you have self-esteem issues when you start giving to others you will soon see your issues as a thing of the past. Do not waste time looking at all the reasons your self image has been tarnished, there is no justifying it. You have a life to live, now move on. So focus on being an outstanding leader, soon you will believe in yourself and others! The people who believe in themselves are the people who achieve in this world. Belief in oneself is the seed of any worthwhile or creative endeavor.



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William Shakespeare Quote: Expectation Limits Your Possibilities!

William Shakespeare Image

William Shakespeare

“Expectation is the root of all heart ache.” – William Shakespeare

Would anyone ever be disappointed if they had no expectations? If you have no expectations, how do you accomplish anything? If you want abundance in some area of your life how do you achieve it without an expectation and is not the desire for abundance an expectation itself?

If you could live life without any expectations you would never be disappointed. But most people also want to enjoy life and put their heart into something in hopes of achievement. So it seems like you must have an expectation to accomplish something. This is how most people live their lives, they have an expectation and then they pursue it. Then they either achieve it or they don’t. When they do not achieve their expectation that is when the heart ache sets in.

Is there another way of living life that could produce more abundance and always leave you happy? Is there a way to live your life that would give you more than if you have an expectation? Absolutely!

Imagine that you are the most powerful being in the universe and anything you desired you could have. Now you get amnesia and you walk around the minions of people and you have forgotten your miraculous power. So you begin doing what they do. You set goals. You get your hopes up. You diligently slave away with your expectations  and you achieve them! Well that is all fine and good, but you are the most powerful being in the universe. Why is that all you accomplished? This is kind of how most people live their lives. They put their energy into meeting their goals. They don’t even understand how they choose the goals most of the time. The majority of people pick goals based on fear. Plain and simple they do what they do because the alternative is scary on some level. They have an expectation they must meet because to not meet that expectation would somehow make them less than what they are.

Expectation Limits Your Possibilities:

Expectation is a limitation. Plain and simple. True masters of abundance know that their energy is infinitely powerful, intelligent, loving and creative. They can feel that energy pulsing inside of themselves and they following those feeling which bring them the most joy. The truly abundant in life know that their energy will bring them more than they could ever expect when they follow their intuition. How many times have you seen someone on the news whose business is booming and the interviewer says, “Did you ever expect this?” The response is always the same, “No. I had no idea, I just liked to do ‘such and such’ and then it kept growing. I just love what I do so much it wouldn’t even matter if I got paid, but huh I guess it doesn’t hurt either!” These people are the ones with abundance. They are happy, successful and expectation (worry) free! These people follow their bliss, their passion, their intuition and they are never..never disappointed! Their whole lives are enjoyable because as they follow their bliss work is not work anymore. It is fun. They leave their work just as rejuvenated or more so than when they arrived. They enjoy their lives because they were intelligent enough to follow their passion and not an expectation. They have come to know that if they follow the path their intuition gives them, the results will always be better than they could have expected. They know that we cannot, from our limited  perspective, see how our greatest good will unfold. They know that the energy that created us, this world and this universe is not designed to fail. It is designed to create and grow, so they follow their intuition.

Joy, abundance and a deep inner peace are yours if you let go of expectations and trust your intuitions. Give all your energy to your passion and your passion will grow. Just like the tallest trees who have collected the most energy from the sun, your life will grow beyond what you could expect.



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Charles Dickens Quote: The False Concept You Believe!

Charles Dickens Image

Charles Dickens

“Reflect on your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some.” – Charles Dickens

If you are feeling depressed, if you are feeling disadvantaged and if you want to manifest more abundance in your life..then I have a treat for you!

Everyday you are fighting for your life! Make no mistake you are fighting for control with the scariest enemy possible. This enemy knows your every move and this enemy is insidious. It hides in plain sight and is the only creature that can destroy you! Its only power is in its lies, but it uses a messenger you trust without question and that makes it deadly.

Before I tell you where to find this enemy and how to vanquish it, you must know the truth! If it were not for this enemy, you would never be unhappy, you would have more pure joy than you can imagine, you would never want for anything because before you could want you would have, your health would be immaculate and any, I mean any thing that would bring you satisfaction would be yours before you even conceive it a possibility.You would be completely fulfilled and at peace. All successful, happy people have learned to at least control this monster. So who is this enemy that is stealing all from you? Where do you find it? How do you destroy it?

The Enemy

The enemy is a “Concept”. Disappointed, don’t be. This concept has destroyed more lives and is the reason behind any genocide that has ever taken place. This concept is so ingrained in our culture, our society and ourselves that we assume that it is truth, but it is a lie!

The False Concept

The concept you believe is, “That you are not whole and perfectly complete.” This thought leaves us searching the outside world for something to make us feel whole and perfect. We attempt to fill this void by taking from the world around us. Consuming is our solution, but all the consumption in the world will not fix a lie.

The Solution

The solution is to know you are perfect and whole in every way. What people do not realize is the power of this truth. When a person is so centered that they know they are complete and perfect in every way, this is what the mind projects. So before the person even recognizes a desire growing within themselves, the world provides it to them. The world reflects what the mind projects. Therefore if you are projecting perfection and completeness how could you have a desire? You could not. This is how awesome our world is. So infinitely perfect that most cannot even recognize the connection from their energy to the abundance around them. But it is pretty hard for most people to just reverse their life long concepts. What I recommend doing is using the gratitude process. The gratitude process is a method that slowly turns the minds awareness and points it toward the truth, without causing stress or conflict in beliefs.

The Gratitude Process

This is simple, fun, instantly rewarding and habit forming. Perfect for anyone. Throughout your day whenever you are feeling bad about something instantly think of something you are grateful for. It can be related to the problem you are having, but if the issue is too sensitive just find something else to be grateful for or to appreciate. It can be something as simple as how thankful you are for the fresh air you breath, or how beautiful the sunrise is, or how nice your whiskers feel, it doesn’t matter! The point is find something to be grateful for and then find something else. Keep finding little things until you can think of big things. This is an excellent exercise to do while driving. Just sit there and think of all the things you are grateful for. Fill your mind with all your blessings, great and small. This is not the final solution, but your mind will begin to turn in the right direction. Make it a habit of using your energy to create grateful thoughts. Your relationships will improve, you will have more money, your work will improve, your confidence will grow and you will be one of the happiest people you have ever met!




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