“You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which ‘clicks’.” – Florence Scovel Shinn

There is a lot of talk about affirmations these days. Why wouldn’t there be? Who doesn’t want to say something and have it become real? It sure seems that if these affirmations were working nobody would really be searching for jobs or money anymore. So why are people still struggling? We have affirmations. We know what we want, right? It should be simple!

Well it is simple, but humans have a two roadblocks in their way. First their concentration and second their limited perception. In order for an affirmation to work you have to absolutely believe it. To believe something on a subconscious level you must repeat it, prove it and concentrate on it. There can be no concentration on the opposite of it, none! Otherwise you are negating your belief in your own affirmation. The second issue arises with our perception. Lets say we believe that if we had a billion dollars we would be happy. So we absolutely affirm that we will have a billion dollars by such and such a date. We concentrate diligently on affirming our belief. We fully believe, but as the world starts to unfold the path to our billion dollars we find that the energy we are putting into attaining it is not bringing us satisfaction. Sometimes our affirmations are actually limiting. We say that we would like a certain house or job or dollar amount, but actually that is inferior to what we could have enjoyed. The issue is that our perception evolves along the way to our goal and we see that maybe what we had envisioned was not what we truly needed to satisfy our longings.

Great Affirmations:

A great affirmation, one that really works will have two characteristics:

  1. It creates faith. Affirmations are all about faith. They are created to consciously mold your beliefs. Your affirmation must give you faith that there is a power within you working to give you everything you desire, before you can even conceive it.
  2. It will be infinite. Your affirmation will never wear out as you meet goals or achieve certain things. The great affirmation will enhance your belief in your infinite possibilities!

Here is an example of a great affirmation, “Things always workout for my best. The universal energy that created me is working with every atom in the cosmos to continue creating a life better than I could ever imagine. Anything is possible to me and I have no desires because the world gives me more than I could dream of!” This affirmation will bring you more than you thought possible. You could prove it daily by witnessing all the things the world gives you that you never had to think of. It is a pleasure to say because it makes you feel good, so you will definitely repeat it. This affirmation is infinite. You will never meet a goal and have to change your affirmation. It is no small task to consciously create a belief. If you doubt that look at the majority of people’s lives. After adulthood people do not usually change to much in a lifetime. It is only a rare few who change the path of their core belief and shift the direction of their lives. This affirmation gives you the power to conquer any goal that might arise in your life and you will have many.

Remember that your perception is finite. When you create a belief you are trying to increase your power, your accomplishments. The best way to do this is to create beliefs which help you tap into to that infinite energy which knows infinite possibilities. You are an infinite being in a finite world. Strengthen your belief in the infinite and limitations fall away, possibilities you never fathomed will appear and you will be filled with joy. You are meant to be limitless make sure your affirmations affirm that.